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About marco ilardi


Marco Ilardi is a digital entrepreneur founder of Micropedia, a SEO specialist, a mobile app developer, author and a marketer specializing in brand SERPs and knowledge panels.

Marco Ilardi is member of Forbes Legacy Pass since June 2024

Marco Ilardi was born in Naples, Italy on May 12, 1970

Marco Ilardi is the general manager founder CEO and owner of Micropedia.

He is also a food blogger and director at the food magazine Cinque Gusti.

From 1996 to 1999 Marco Ilardi was as a researcher at the University of Naples then moved to IBM for a few years before opening the company Micropedia.

Marco Ilardi graduated in Geological Sciences on 19 December 1996 from the Federico II University of Naples (Italy)

Marco Ilardi was a researcher at Federico II University of Naples

Marco Ilardi wrote several scientific publications, particularly of a geomorphological nature.

Later I also dealt with GIS and cartography also writing a software for the census of all the quarries of the Campania Region in Italy.

I then moved to IBM where I worked as a Visualstudio RPG and Lotus Notes programmer.

Then I was hired by a private company named Ekikedon where I became IT technical director and then founded Ilpas Soluzioni Informatiche.

In 2015 I founded Micropedia which deals with both web and mobile application development and SEO and communication.

I just wrote a book called Digital Food and La spunta Blu a book that teaches how to improve your brand reputation

In 2023 he created a technology podcast Microkast

In 2023 Marco Ilardi was chosen by CXO Magazine as one of the most dynamic leaders to follow in 2023

He is the founder of the business directory Marketers directory in 2024.

In 2024 Marco Ilardi obtained a master’s degree in brand management from the SDA Bocconi University of Milan (Italy)

In 2024 Marco Ilardi become member of Forbes Inner Cicle for Web 3 development called Legacy pass.

marco ilardi Aknowledge

Marco Ilardi is recognized for having been a very good and serious software developer for over twenty years with many positive reviews.

This is demonstrated and recognized by the fact that it still has long-standing customers even over twenty years despite the technological evolutions who have preferred to stay with Marco and continue with him on this path.

Marco Ilardi is also an SEO specialist recognized for being an expert in the activation of Google knowledge panels, a niche specialty in which only a few SEO consultants in the world have the right skills.

knowledge panel marco ilardi digital entrepreneur

about marco ilardi

Born: May 12, 1970, Naples, IT

Full name: Marco Ilardi

Nationality: Italian

Istruction: University of Naples Federico II

Sda Bocconi School of Management

Job: Digital marketer, Seo specialist

Organization: Micropedia di Marco Ilardi

Marketers directory

Cinque gusti food magazine

Books: Digital food. How new digital ideas can bring your business in the sector to success

La spunta blu. Come costruire nella maniera giusta la tua entità digitale

Podcast: MicroKast | storie di food marketing seo e tecnologia a cura di Marco Ilardi

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About Marco Ilardi digital entrepreneur seo specialist CEO of Micropedia


My career summarized in a nutshell


2015-now I ‘m the CEO and founder of Micropedia that deals with web and mobile development, SEO consulting and corporate communication

ilpas soluzioni informatiche

2007-2015 I am the co-founder of Ilpas Soluzioni Informatiche, leader in Italy in the independent hearing center software market


2001-2007 I became the IT manager of this software house in Naples with a group of six developers.


1999-2001 I started as a .NET and RPG junior developer at an IBM premier partner engineering company


1996-1999 Researcher at the Department of Earth Sciences of the University of Naples



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