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a quick knowledge panel for my new book la spunta blu


The blue check is my new book released on April 26 that talks about how to improve your presence on the web by optimizing our digital entity and all those that are related to ours, therefore those that are part of our ecosystem.

Through simple examples, the book first explains the main rules for being present on the web in the right way, the mistakes not to be made based on my personal experience and above all what digital entities are and how to manage them.

Once upon a time google was based only on semantics, but after the update hummingbird started to think about objects called entities. Everything is represented by an entity from a book to a person to an event.
In the book, I explain how to handle these entities to improve your brand reputation through clear knowledge panels that represent your brand and the entire professional world that surrounds you. Once Google understands who you are, what you do, everything will be easier in the future as well. At the beginning it takes months or years to heal all the previous situation, but later, once the techniques are acquired, it will be easier.

For example, if you look at the figure just three days after the book was released, Google has already perceived that it is a book-type entity and therefore shows its main characteristics. He also perceived the entity of the author who is Marco Ilardi, my digital entity.

la spunta blu book knowledge panel

If you also want to learn how to organize your presence on the web, read my book which I will soon publish in English as well.