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Diego armando maradona murales nft

diego armando maradona nft

This is the first NFT I’ve created on my Opensea wallet and I could only create that of my idol, Diego Armando Maradona.
In the summer I often go on holiday to Ischia, especially to the beautiful Citara beach. Just behind my house, a boy spray painted a beautiful mural of Diego and I immortalized it with both photos and videos that you see below.

So I decided to make my first NFT on the Ethereum blockchain with my photo, which turned out very well. If you are interested in purchasing here is the link to my digital work.
Diego is depicted lying down while smiling wearing the Mars shirt that of the second Napoli italian championship and the UEFA cup of which I also have a copy.
It’s a unique work because there are no other copies of this mural, it was done by a street artist in the summer of 2022 in Ischia at the Citara soccer field.

Click here if you wish to view it and bid on Opensea