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Marco ilardi review about kalikube

kalikube brand serp specialist video review by marco ilardi

I have been studying SEO for many years and only in recent years have I approached a particular branch of this marketing sector which is branding SEO, i.e. SEO aimed at brand positioning and identity.
When we search for the name of a brand in search engines it is important that consistent results appear to push the potential customer to immediately create a connection and perceive a feeling of security and professionalism.

It is estimated that professionals who have a Google knowledge panel convert 15 percent more than those who have uncertain results.
Since this subject fascinated me so much and I wanted to learn more about it, I immediately looked online to find out who the world’s leading experts on this topic were. In Italy there are few but the best is certainly Jason Barnard from Kalikube.

By following his courses and reading his book I was able to understand the mechanisms for generating Google algorithms and therefore to obtain a knowledge panel for myself and for my company Micropedia even without a Wikipedia page.

I show you my review of Kalikube which could be useful for improving your marketing strategies both for your web agency and for your clients.