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digital food book

digital food book on food technology

My book Digital Food is now available also in english.

The first store were was published on 13th December is Amazon

Digital food is my first book released in September and which I wrote during the pandemic to provide new technological tools to my clients who work in the horeca sector to overcome the barriers imposed by social distancing that have seriously damaged them from an economic point of view.
Digital food aims to open the mind of restaurateurs, providing them with new ideas to optimize staff times and improve their performances.

The book also talks about interesting new technologies such as the blockchain for food traceability or the best way to use new metaverse technologies such as NFTs, non-fungible tokens for some particular sectors such as the wine sector.

In fact, I have already started my new project called wine nft to combine a normal restaurant wine list with a catalog of the same wines in digital format, providing new opportunities for wine cellars, wine bars and restaurants.

The same concept could also be applied to liqueurs or beers.

I will inform you during the work how the development of the mobile application is going.