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nft domains yours FOREVER

unstoppable domains on the blockchain

As we know in today’s world wide web we can protect our branding by buying as many domains with our brand as possible. However, this purchase eventually translates into a rental, because if we forget to renew it after a while someone else could buy it and we would have to start a legal battle to get it back.

One of the reasons why the web 3 was born with defi decentralized finance and to ensure that each transaction was forever fixed on the blockchain by better defining the concept of ownership.

There is a company on the web 3 called unstoppable domains, which allows you to buy NFT domains to protect your brand even in the world that already exists and that in the not too distant future will be the present. With NFT domains you can do many things: create your website in a few minutes using a template, upload your site in html format, associate your address to more easily receive payments in cryptocurrencies and even associate your NFT wallet which are for sale on portals such as OpenSea.
I personally have already blocked all domains with my name and surname and with the surname and name that cost even a little from twenty to forty dollars and I consider them an investment, because they never expire and no one can ever take them away from me.