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Slide gpt make powerpoint presentations using ai

slides gpt

In recent days I have been asked to make a powerpoint presentation for a seminar on artificial intelligence for the employees of a company of a client of mine who also knows me as a digital entrepreneur.

To do something effective, I searched the web for an artificial intelligence engine that, by interfacing with Chat GPT, would produce powerpoint presentations that I could then download.

After a short time I came across this Slides GPT portal whose operation is really simple. In practice, in a search box it was enough for me to write in detail what type of presentation I needed to get a powerpoint presentation for just two and a half dollars that I could also download in pdf or google slides.

Very impressive because the presentation also contained images. Obviously I had to adapt and modify it but I am sure that if I had explained in a little more detail what I needed it would have produced better results.

I advise you to try it because if you often make presentations it is really very useful.