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What are stablecoins and what are they for?

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We all know by now what cryptocurrencies are and their dangerous daily fluctuations that can make us both gain and lose our invested capital.
There are more or less stable cryptocurrencies, for example Bitcoin Ethereum Binance, they are strong cryptocurrencies but still fluctuate.
For example, those who invested in Bitcoin a year ago still lost about 67% on the day of writing with a loss of 33,000 euros, which is absolutely not a small amount.
There are services on the decentralized web that ask for cryptocurrency transactions not in FIAT currency (which would be euro or dollar).

To always have a stable cryptocurrency portfolio over time, stablecoins were born, which are nothing more than stable cryptocurrencies that fluctuate by a maximum of +- 1% of their value. This is possible because they are the safe haven asset of let’s say web 3 and are linked to a traditional safe haven asset, such as gold, the dollar or the euro.

There are also other stable yields from algorithms, but I don’t recommend them.

If you want to invest in cryptocurrencies without risk, the best way is to convert the FIAT currency into stablecoins.


In my opinion, the best stablecoin is currently BUSD which would be the stablecoin of Binance, a very serious company, which is linked to the fluctuation of the dollar.

In my opinion, Thether’s only problem is that it grants too many loans to investors and could get into trouble when a lot of liquidity is required of it if, for example, some large investor wants to sell.

In any case, if you want to enter the world of digital currencies on tiptoe without exposing yourself too much, I suggest you convert your FIAT currencies into cryptocurrencies and then play around with some small investments without exaggerating.
The rule for those who enter this world must always be the same: invest only what you can afford and that won’t change your life.

Like you played them in the casino or ate a pizza. Consider that money lost from the start so you only invest what you can.