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Wine NFT

Wine NFT is the application I’m writing right now. For a client of mine starred chef Don Alfonso 1890 the need arose to rewrite the mobile application of the wine list used by customers when they sit in the restaurant.

Since Don Alfonso also owns a prestigious wine cellar, I came up with the idea with my knowledge of the blockchain, the possibility of linking the choice of wine in the restaurant to the possibility for the customer to also buy the NFT, the non-fungible token of the bottle , then buy it digitally.

By buying the bottle, the customer, in addition to possessing it digitally, also obtains other advantages such as the empty bottle autographed by Don Alfonso, a visit to the agricultural estate and the cellar where the wines are kept and a discount on the next lunch at the restaurant. Obviously these are just some of the proposals and options that we are evaluating and all or part of them could be applied.

In any case, the future of the food sector is also to monetize the web 3 with digital content combined with real content.

Obviously I don’t expect restaurateurs to be blockchain experts, so the price of the application will also include consultancy for opening the account and wallet with which to generate the NFTs which will then be resold to the restaurant’s customers.
I will help you create your online NFT shop which can therefore be purchased from within the Dapp but also from the web.

I patented the Wine NFT application and I’m still developing it.

When it’s ready I’ll show you a video and I’ll market it worldwide since it will be in five languages.

I think it will be a very nice thing that will create some movement on the food and beverage market and will offer new income opportunities to restaurateurs but also to prestigious wine shops and cellars.