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Start using cripto get a wallet

Now that we have opened and verified our account on Binance where we can transform our euros or dollars into cryptocurrencies, we need to open a wallet.

In practice, a wallet is a tool that interacts with dapps and decentralized applications and carries out transactions on the blockchain by minting all the operations we ask it to do and therefore using our cryptocurrencies.

One of the best wallets on the Ethereum blockchain to connect to Binance is certainly Metamask.
Metamask is a very secure wallet, very simple to configure, usable on many portals and therefore very convenient, but above all it has a convenient extension for chrome that allows us to carry out all our transactions comfortably once logged in.
Metamask is a rather secure platform that has not been subjected to any particular attempts of violation.
Its peculiarity is that the user is identified with a public key, which begins with x0, mine for example is 0xc4993052cF2398788FB260c2440c58feab891870.
This is the key you need to give someone when you want to get paid in cryptocurrencies.
Another more convenient method is to associate an NFT domain with your public key.

For example, I took the NFT domain marcoilardi.wallet on Unstoppable Domains which corresponds to my public address on the blockchain.
Another key that you must jealously guard is the private one which is made up of a sequence of twelve keywords.
If you lose that key you will have lost all your money and neither you nor anyone else will ever have access to it.
An important thing is to avoid printing it because there are some spyware that sniff the print spooler of computers and when they find texts with twelve words they copy them.
Whoever intercepts your private key, crossing it with the public one, can withdraw all your cryptocurrencies.

One piece of advice I can give you when working with the blockchain is to use a reliable antivirus like Bitdefender and work behind its VPN, for example.